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ESK Productions is a small team of fabricators run by Justin Taylor out of Brattleboro VT. Decades of Airstream restoration, metal fabrication, carpentry, and interior design knowledge combine to offer clients beautiful and ever-lasting results.

Project Management
Calm In Chaos
Big or small, every project brings its own challenges. Our team takes pride in the orchestration that comes with every project. From simple 2-3 man teams, to full-blown 20 person crews, we have it in the bag.
Bread & Butter
With two generations of knowledge and 30 years of personal experience, this is where it all began. Our specialty is in custom interiors and finish work, however, we're well versed in all aspects of the carpentry trade.
Metal Fabrication
Heart & Soul
Our fabrication shop is where all the magic happens. From traditional aerospace sheet metal forming and aluminium tig welding, to steel fabrications and mig welding, this practice is where our true passions lie.
Airstream Expert
Where We Shine
It's no secret, ESK is world renowned for its unmistakable design work and unparalleled fabrications. If you're looking to work with us on this platform, please note we're extremely selective on the clientele we team up with.

Quality is king.

Make your dreams reality! Current location: Southern VT. Accepting projects across New England. Submit your concepts here or call 802-345-2186 to set up a consult.

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