Brand Revise & Clothing Design

Mad Leaf is a company invested in helping our environment, with style. Utilizing materials made from recycled bottles, bamboo and organic cotton, they put safe materials and sustainable practices above all else. To get more people involved in this thinking and way of life they are setting out to create more engaging designs. They originally sought out a few t-shirt designs, but quickly saw we could help them with much more. Now we have a full brand refresh under way, giving them a more powerful look to grab the attention they rightfully deserve. We look forward to the evolution of their identity as we create new products with them over the next year.


Sometimes there is no need to start from scratch. When a company already has an identity in place, we can tweak what doesn't work and create a more successful representation of their business. Mad Leaf was looking to rebrand themselves before launching a new line of merchandise. Using their current direction we refined their logo to be more impactful whether it sits beside copy or not. We also tweaked their typeface slightly to make it stand out. When creating a complex identity, we go though and make sure the elements work at different sizes and in multiple layouts. Small updates can make a huge difference.


As Mad Leaf finds new sustainable clothing and accessories to place designs on, we will be creating stylish and graphic artwork for them. To establish the brand we are beginning with work that show cases their company name and logo. Eventually we will move to creative illustrations and typography that sends a positive message about saving the planet. Although their main demographic is teen to young adults, we are hoping to cover even more age groups by offering a solid range of products and designs, from simple to complex graphics. 



• LOCATION: Dallas, Texas


 Logo Revise
 Tee & Hat Designs