Brand & Website Revise

In this southern Vermont community, it is exciting to see a company that began over a decade ago still around and growing! Tucked next to the winter resort, Mount Snow, this shop is packed with gear and accessories for spending time on the slopes. The owner has been immersed in the board sport world his entire life and has a wealth of knowledge from it. They offer rental services, new equipment and full lines of clothing from popular brands in the snow and skateboarding world.


Over the years it is smart to keep an eye on your brand and make sure it stays relevant to your vision and the way you want to represent yourself. Invasion had never really set to a specific brand or even a logo over the years, and realized it was time to change that. We went through and overhauled their identity; redesigning their logo and website. They wanted to keep things sleek and clean, veering away from the messy type used in the past. The custom font we created is made with basic shapes and a single thickness. They wanted to keep their iconic barn red which still matched the new building, so we added white and charcoal to both contrast and blend with it. This adds depth to signage and ads.


Using Squarespace, we give our clients a fresh but manageable site. To break away from the template look, we create all of their visual elements from scratch. We push the boundaries of what each template can do to fit the client best. With Invasion, they want the option of having an online store in the future. Although their site is very simple now, using Squarespace gives us the ability to easily phase that in eventually.



 LOCATION: West Dover, Vermont


 New Logo
 New Website
 Exterior Signage