1962 Airstream Ambassador 

With no lack of windows and a full renovation from the wheels up, this vintage beauty contains a modern oasis inside. Georgia was outfitted to brave four-season living on the East Coast. It was created as a temporary dwelling while the clients build a traditional house on their land. Afterward, Georgia will remain nearby to offer guests five-star lodging mere footsteps away from the main house. The chassis and shell was restored, and the exterior was polished to a mirror finish. The interior was inspired by the popular Hampton's style; featuring airy neutrals and light wood surfaces.



Project Overview

Photo: Mimi Page Jewelry


This couple came to us with particular era Airstream in mind, and the desire to have as many windows as possible. This unit was the perfect fit! It's abundance of glazing not only fulfilled the desire for natural light, it helped guide the entire layout. We used the trailer's architecture as our starting point and built each room around it. A modern aesthetic and amenities were used inside, while the outside was kept traditional; restored where needed and polished to a mirror shine.


Designing this tiny home required the fusion of two different styles and personalities into one, narrow container. We used Maple vs Oak, subtle tones, LED lighting, and deep accents to push outside of a stark comfort zone as much as possible. This warmed the interior up, added depth, and gave the space more personality. Since the trailer was designed to be mostly parked in one place, we used elements like sliding barn doors, custom ceramic tiles, and solid wood surfaces. 



• YEAR: 1962
• LENGTH: 25'
• MODEL: Ambassador


 MUDROOM: A mini mudroom was created out of a closet and rhino-lined boot drawer just inside the entrance door.
 GALLEY KITCHEN: A grand Maple counter extends down the length of the hallway, offering ample prep space and a custom farmhouse sink.
 SPA BATHROOM: Ceramic tile and an expansive teak floor add luxury and functionality to a wet-bath that doesn't feel like a wet-bath at all.
INTERIOR WINDOWS: Custom curved windows were built into the bedroom walls to avoid blocking natural light,
 LED AMBIANCE: LEDs were incorporated throughout the space to break up the rooms and offer endless combinations of mood lighting.


 WALLS: White Enamel Aluminum.
 FLOORING: Commercial Grade Vinyl. 
 WOOD: Maple and Teak.
 EXTERIOR: Original Aluminum. High polish. 


Her Journey

Georgia had quite the revolution from outdated duckling to contemporary swan. Here are a few shots documenting the stages of her transformation. To follow along with current projects as they happen, visit us on Facebook or Instagram.