1962 Scotty Sportsman 

We first met this adorable vintage "canned ham" at a Vermont rally. Inside it houses a small kitchen, room for compost toilet, and dinette that quickly transforms into a bed. Most of the exterior is the original 1962 Aluminum and had been kept up quite well. Although the elements added some character to the exterior, overall it's in fantastic shape and has been customized perfectly by the client.


Project Overview


We don't always do full overhauls. Sometimes a trailer just needs a week at the ESK spa for a makeover. First on Fiatsco's todo list was a good polish to clean up some weathering and give the Aluminum a mirror finish. We were also tasked with polishing a vintage Aluminum box to the same level of shine, and install it to the tongue creatively. Using belts as straps and some metal tracks, we created a way to add or remove the box while keeping the stylish look the client envisioned. Some minor repairs, new wheels, and tinted windows completed the transformation.


When a client comes to us with a specific look in mind, like a vintage suitcase, we find solutions to bring it to life. The box was a fun example of this instance. Using the leather belts provided and creating custom stickers sold the look. Now Fiatsco will be the bell of the rally.



• YEAR: 1962
• LENGTH: 13'
• MODEL: Serro Scotty Sportsman


 EXTERIOR: High Polish
 WINDOWS: Tinted Black
 ACCESSORIES: Polished Vintage Aluminum Box. Includes secured system for storage and removal and custom Scotty / vintage stickers.


Her Journey

Gogo's makeover was a huge transformation, from dingy shell to polished gem. Here are shots documenting the different stages of her progression. If you are interested in taking a deeper look into the process, check her section out in our Shop Log. To follow along with current projects as they happen, visit us on Facebook or Instagram.


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