Logo Design

The founder of Espos Diesel has loved vehicles and mods his whole life. After working with aircrafts and vintage trailers he transitioned to starting his own company based around Diesel trucks and upgrading their systems. They are becoming well known across the country for their modifying skills in the competition world, transforming ordinary trucks into fast and powerful showpieces.     


Before Espos Diesel was even a full-time business or a shop, our designer helped develop their first logo. The only direction was to include an element from the inner workings of an engine. Since then, it continues to be used on apparel, for their main signage, and on too many truck bodies to count. The design was updated slightly last year to clean it up. In this situation, the client was given files and they have them printed on their own as needed.


There is a definite draw toward this industry and the skull and crossbones look, or the visual representation of a tool or piece of equipment. Since that is what the client wanted, a version was formed that would give uniqueness to the common idea. Building out from the central logo, a natural gravitation toward a slanted font led to custom type being created. To clean up the look a few years later, we brought a more graphic shape to the main logo which elevated the design. The secondary text was enlarged to make it easier to read at a distance or when printed small. These developments show that your brand can continue to evolve over the years as you find what works or not.



 LOCATION: Plattsburgh, NY


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