Taylor Design Healthy Homes, a family-owned business, created top-of-the-line living environments. Concentrating on building for people that had extreme allergies and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), these environmentally friendly, chemical-free "green trailers" were constructed with the highest standards and safest materials on the market.

They brought designs to life by turning ageless beauties into cutting-edge living environments. Not only were their units environmentally sound and chemically clean, they were beautifully crafted. Healthy Homes specialized in interpreting the imagination of each client to assemble a harmonious collection of elements and represent the client's personality aesthetically. Great attention was given to the client's lifestyle and personal rhythms as well, to construct the best arrangement of forms within the available space of their trailer. They paired age-old design principles with modern technology to create the cleanest and safest healing spaces possible.


As owner of Healthy Homes, Justin Taylor assumed every role needed to keep the company growing. As lead fabricator and designer he met with clients, developed floor plans with detailed wiring schematics, and physically produced each project from start to finish. Doing all fabrication in-house meant everything went through Taylor's hands, but his specialties really shown through with welding, flooring, and polishing. 

Having welded since the age of 16, his work with metal is well-developed and exemplary. This talent was indispensable since repairing or building custom frames, working with sheet metal, and creating specialized Airstream parts was a daily necessity. Laying floor from hardwood to tile is another forte of his, highlighted in every trailer that rolled off the Healthy Homes lot. It is his polishing techniques which may be most impressive of all, and the easiest to see!  Creating flawlessly smooth skins and mirror like finishes on timeworn units is quite the feat. He takes pride in every step of the process and every detail he touches. No matter the task, Taylor's craftsmanship is hard to match, and compliments Airstream travel trailers to perfection. 



Inspired by the client's need to live both on and off the grid, this trailer was outfitted with luxuries necessary for a truly nomadic lifestyle. Built as more than just a pretty face, this "green" trailer was constructed with extremely low VOC products and high-quality building materials which make the interior feel like home. The layout was strategically planned out to fit every asset and amenity comfortably within the Airstream's aluminum walls.   


This 20' classic was outfitted with two 68 watt flexible solar mats and a massive battery pack to make off-the-grid living possible. It has a gas/electric refrigerator and 3 burner electric cook top allowing for home cooked meals in any location. The gas/electric heat and AC make it possible to live comfortably in any climate, during any season. Over 40 gallons of fresh water storage, a filter system, and washer/dryer combo means living on the road can become a never-ending vacation. With comforts like built-in audio with MP3 capabilities, an office desk, and even a bike rack, there is not much more you could need. Skilled spatial planning makes all of these amenities available in a space smaller than you would've thought possible. A charmingly compact trailer ready for any adventure. 



As uncommon as they are, we feel privileged to have worked on as many '20 Globetrotters as we did at Healthy Homes. This trailer in particular was an extremely rare find. With not even a blemish in the shell, everything aside from the frame was virtually flawless and original. Designed to utilize traditional colors of the South West, we incorporated as many natural tones and elements as we could. 


Unique blue and tan, baked enamel aluminum was used for the interior skin of this Arizona bound trailer. Every inch of the furnishings were fabricated using scraps of metal. Very little waste was made to form intricate woven details and matching cabinet insets across the layout. To personalize the space further, cowling inspired refrigerator fanned insert, and Airstream emblem valance lighting to highlight the bamboo woodwork. All of the details in this space reflect the high level of technical skill and creativity Taylor possesses.