Awning Update


Replacing a Relic
Suzie Q Gets  New Awning

JULY 2015

We were extremely lucky to be given original 1950's pieces that were built in or bought for our trailer when she was first produced. One of the most impressive of these antiquities is the awning room shown here. Made out of an Army canvas material with painted stripes, this multi-part extension adds a great amount of covered space to the Airstream's exterior. Being made of old material and oil-based paint means that the years were not so kind to our new heirloom. So we packaged it up and shipped it to rising star Jean Bundschuh of Tin Can Awnings to reproduce in a fabric of our choice. 

We've known from day one that we want to incorporate minty teals and red accents into Suzie's design inside and out. Going with a pin-up inspired stripe, we searched until we found this beautiful vintage looking fabric from Sunbrella. It has that matted down mint color and exudes the classic feel the original green awning lacked. That is the best part about restoration after all. Taking all the best parts of eras past to highlight in your design... while cutting out the styles and structures that weren't so successful. Military green nixed for beautiful, subdued mint.

For now, we have just replaced the main part of the awning on top. We are in the middle of picking apart the walls with Jean to learn the snap and hook system used in creating the walls of the outdoor room. She is excited to get things squared away so she can start offering others this option for their trailers.


We very highly recommend checking Jean at Tin Can Awnings out on Facebook to see her past work (all categorized in the albums) and speaking with her about your project. She is great in helping you choose fabrics, taking the time to copy elements precisely if needed, and working efficiently to get the finished product to you in a reasonable amount of time. If you would like to choose your awning fabric we recommend finding one through Recasens since that is the company she works with directly. Don't forget to tell her "hello" from ESK!