ESK Productions

is a creative studio with decades of experience in design, construction, and Airstream restoration.

Our team gives families and companies unforgettable ways to express themselves.




Although function gets the ball rolling, design drives everything here. It’s not enough for it to work and last.. we want it to look and function great too. All graphics, interior designs, floor plans, and built-ins are created in-house. Our designer and fabricators work hand-in-hand to make sure every detail is accounted for. Tiny spaces mean limited room to work with.  We take your must have items and create a layout that flows organically and is safe to take on the road. Our team of master craftsman share a passion for high quality and innovative design. When all is said and done, you leave our shop with more than a basic renovation or brand identity. You leave with a work of art.



From construction and metal fabrication, to fine woodworking and even timber framing, this small team has the skill-set of a large crew. We fabricate everything ourselves whenever possible to custom fit each piece into the unique containers we start with. We've equipped the shop with all the tools and technologies needed to restore vintage units and outfit them with residential or commercial necessities. This means the sky's the limit. We are blessed to live in an area full of creative and talented individuals. On the rare occasion we can’t fabricate something within our walls, we turn to local artisans and technicians to bring you the best options available.



Our specialty lies in the restoration of Airstreams and other Aluminum travel trailers. ESK stemmed from one of the original companies restoring Airstreams, Tad Taylor Healthy Homes, which transformed vintage models into safe havens for those suffering from MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities). With two generations of knowledge and experience backing us, we drive forward to create new concepts. We have since developed the best practices for bringing your classic beauty to life again; embracing time tested techniques and building upon them. We love all things classic here and are blessed to be surrounded with relics of the past.