Our Team


CoFounder / Lead Fabricator

Justin is first and foremost an Airstream guy. He began ESK Productions to expand his focus, combining his love for strong design & impressive craftsmanship inside different structures. From timber framing to sheet metal, he's worked in all facets of construction throughout his career. 

Justin enjoys anything vintage; from classic vehicles and tools to old signage. He is always interested in learning new techniques and meeting other creatives. In his free time he loves to snowboard and works on building his street-wear brand. — ON INSTAGRAM


CoFounder / Creative Director

Deni is an international designer who uses her background in design, traditional art, and 3D computer animation to bring Airstream renos and branding to the next level. Her goal is to bring a creative, fresh perspective to this industry. Resulting in fully immersive, compact environments.

Typography, illustration, and filmmaking are Deni's most prominent pastimes. She and Justin bonded over their shared love for vintage vehicles, bold designs, and kung-fu movies. They now get to translate each project to the level of quality and style it deserves.  — ON INSTAGRAM


General Fabricator

When we say our team is family, we mean it. New to the ESK crew is Justin's younger brother, Forest. His eye for detail and incredible work ethic make him a perfect fit for a fabricator in this shop. He has a background in woodworking, timber framing, and carpentry.

From drawing to photography, Forest has a passion for creating and capturing the beauty and interest of the world around him. When he's not exploring the outdoors with his camera in tow, he is building custom furniture with local hardwoods. — ON INSTAGRAM



Justin has an extensive background in Airstream restoration and the outfitting of chemical free homes. He combined safe materials with aesthetically pleasing design to help those with chemical sensitivities.


We've been having a blast sharing behind the scenes footage of a-day-in-the-life-of an ESK artisan. This site has given us the perfect spot to share progress and stories of the incredible things we get to work on.


Facebook has been an amazing way to connect with people as passionate about vintage vehicles and design as we are. If you want to chat with our team or ask about what we are working on, that's the place to do it!


We've begun to build an in-depth log of what goes through our doors. We are adding articles, tips, and how-tos along the way to explain how we achieve the results we do. Follow along as we grow this feature!



Our Home


We are proud to be located in the heart of beautiful Southern Vermont. The “Green Mountain State” got its name from its breathtaking mountains and stunningly vibrant colors. With every season bringing new life to a host of activities such as recreation, sports, and tourism, so there is always something new and exciting to do. The perfect landscape for extreme sports and natural living, it's not hard to see why ESK set up shop here.

Whenever possible we deal with local distributors and artisans in order to keep Vermont's economies thriving. It is important to us to work in-state every chance we get, offering a high level of quality control and developing an active network within our community. We also love using natural elements from our environment. We incorporate beautiful locally grown or reclaimed wood into our designs to make the whole project truly unique. 


We are beginning the Made In Vermont Initiative to bring light to great companies from this state. Our first product for the apparel line features a soft-blended shirt with a water-based ink graphic. Show the world you are part of the pulse that keeps Vermont going. Be proud you are from, craft in, or leave your heart in the state of Vermont. #MadeInVT across social media to show us your work! 

Contact us if you'd like to purchase one!