Vermont Barns, a division of The Wadsworth Company located in Stratton Vermont, specializes in crafting traditional post and beam structures and furnishings. They work with high-end clientele to produce everything from beautiful timber frame mansions to modest additions and complimentary furniture. By combining old-world building traditions with modern equipment, they create amazing works of art that will last for decades. This dedication to quality work inspired by time-tested methods is something we hold above all else at ESK Productions.


At Vermont Barns, Taylor was given a wide range of responsibilities from managing a five man crew to heading his own side projects. Some of the most prominent examples being a timber frame trellis, cupola design & fabrication, vintage chair lift restoration, and a handful of reclaim floor installations. This experience taught him new techniques and gave him the chance to work with rare or unique woods. He was able to expand upon his custom woodworking skills and incorporate rustic timber frame style carpentry and furniture into his repertoire.