Whether a gourmet bistro, British pub, or cupcake shop, with a little imagination and a lot of elbow grease, an Airstream can be transformed into any number of food or beverage related enterprises. With restaurant-grade equipment, custom service openings, and built-in storage you’ll have all the amenities of a large scale establishment within reach. Unique spaces for signage and menus means your logos and products will be easily seen and hard to forget. 




For festivals, tours, and weddings, having the versatility and ease of a high-impact, mobile stage is priceless. Massive, full-side openings give audiences the perfect focal point to watch live bands, performances, or rituals taking place. Add any shape or size stage area, custom lighting /sound systems, and event related branding to make an Airstream trailer party-ready. 




The most versatile option is the store-front style trailer. With grand entrances and open floor plans, a business is given ample space to display goods and hold a mass of shoppers. The walls can be utilized for shelving and rack space, ready to be changed out at any time. Merchandise can be stored inside the unit and transported to and from venue locations. Within minutes of pulling up to a site, you can be greeting customers and conducting sales.


Open Layout


For a slightly more modest option, a closed trailer, open layout version may be just what your company needs. Perfect for lounges, dances, or other social occasions, these "blank" spaces can be adapted as you see fit. By adding either comfy built-in furniture, a DJ stand, or a bar area, you can completely change the use of the space. 




Where Should I Look For Inspiration?

Don't be confined to looking for Airstream projects solely. Designs used in other industries and brands you like can help inspire new thinking for your project. Start collecting imagery and websites that will guide our design team to the concepts and structures you gravitate toward. Colors, textures, and typography in any form can help us understand your design aesthetic better, so get creative when finding influences. 


How Far Ahead Should I Plan A Commercial Airstream Project / Contact ESK?

Companies typically underestimate the time it takes to create a commercial Airstream project. Leave yourself (or your clients) time to hunt down an Airstream, have designs approved, and for actual fabrication. Large scale items like custom stainless steel kitchens and side openings add substantial time to even an average build. Reach out to us 6 months to a year before your desired completion date to account for all those factors properly. The more complex the design, the more time it will need.



What Should I Know About My Project Before Contacting ESK?

Whether you are a single person making decisions or an entire team, you need to be able to answer the same basic questions. Do you have an Airstream already? What are its specifications? What elements need to be included? What are the budget or timeline requirements?

For commercial builds you have the added design factor to focus on. Do you have a brand currently in place? What are the guidelines? Or maybe you need a new brand altogether. Keeping your corporate identity in mind is key in the planning stage. 

Since it is a lot to think about, we gathered our top ten starter questions to guide you in the right direction. Know these going into the initial consultation, and we will ask you the rest. 


What Should I Expect To Pay For A Commercial Airstream Project?

The budget on an Airstream budget can vary drastically based on its purpose and the materials used. Open Layouts used for lounges are far less than commercial grade kitchens with a side opening for example. Here is a list of general price ranges to give you a starting point to go from:

[100k - 150k] 
Open Layout / Simple Builds

[150k - 250k] 
High-End Builds / Impressive Openings / Simple Restaurants

[250k & Up] 
High-End Restaurants / All The Bells & Whistles


Ready To More Forward?

Once you know what you want and when you want it, it's time for us to learn more. By filling out the Airstream Form on our contact page, we can begin to gauge your project's scope and what we have to work with. Once we've received your submission, we will contact you to discuss the direction of your trailer further and go over all the possibilities with you or your team.