Whether a gourmet bistro, British pub, or cupcake shop, with a little imagination and a lot of elbow grease, an Airstream can be transformed into any number of food or beverage related enterprises. With restaurant-grade equipment, custom service openings, and built-in storage you’ll have all the amenities of a large scale establishment within reach. Unique spaces for signage, menus, and branding means your logos and products will be easily seen and hard to forget. 



For festivals, tours, and weddings, having the versatility and ease of a high-impact, mobile stage is priceless. Massive, full-side openings give audiences the perfect focal point to watch live bands, performances, or rituals taking place. Add any shape or size stage area, custom lighting / sound systems, and event related branding to make an Airstream trailer party-ready. 



The most versatile option is the store-front style trailer. With grand entrances and open floor plans, a business is given ample space to display goods and hold a mass of shoppers. The walls can be utilized for shelving and rack space, ready to be changed out at any time. Merchandise can be stored inside the unit and transported to and from venue locations. Within minutes of pulling up to a site, you can be greeting customers and conducting sales.

"Empty" Shell


For a slightly more modest option, a closed trailer, open layout version may be just what your company needs. Perfect for lounges, dances, or other social occasions, these "blank" spaces can be adapted as you see fit. By adding either comfy built-in furniture, a DJ stand, or a bar area, you can completely change the use of the space. 


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