Our Brand

ESK Productions offers companies unique and innovative branding solutions that will leave a lasting impression and inspire others.

We are a full-service, mobile marketing and design company specializing in the customization of iconic Airstream travel trailersUsing knowledge and experience from two generations in the field, we transform abandoned classics into marketing machinesOur sights are set on being the East Coast's premier Airstream customization shop. We aspire to place the bar for innovation and quality as high as it can go... and then some. 

Our Canvas

While most designers choose static walls or brick and mortar to work with, we prefer Airstreams as our blank canvases. Their shiny silver exteriors, compound curves, and uniquely small spaces call to us. It takes a high level of creativity and resourcefulness to work with these aluminum beasts, requiring a special skill-set and an abundance of patience to tackle. We have developed the necessary techniques and expertise needed to innovate the classic travel trailer to its fullest potential.

Even outside of Airstream work, we still love to combine metal, interesting wood and vintage pieces to create furniture and decorate spaces. We are inspired by old signage, clean lines, and furnishings that are as practical as they are beautiful.


Our Background

ESK Productions is built with decades of knowledge, design experience, and a love for Airstreams. Qualities handed down from an expert craftsman to his son.


Master In His Field

From a very young age, construction was a huge part of Justin's life. At 4 years old he was given a sander as his first tool. From that moment on his fate was sealed. Working alongside his father, Tad Taylor, one of the first Airstream renovators, he learned the ins and outs of the industry. Tad was a seasoned veteran in the trade, known for his work with housing for people with multiple chemical sensitivities, knowledge he passed down to his son.

Hooked From Day One

Founding this company was not Justin Taylor's first encounter with Airstream restoration. Justin's love affair with Airstreams began in the early 90's when Tad pulled one into their yard as a prototype project. From that moment on, they were hooked on the shiny exteriors and unique structures inside. 

It was at this time Tad began developing safe living environment options for people with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS). This was a great success due to the Airstream's solid metal frame and ability to be completely gutted to create a new, clean environment. These chemically-free trailers became such a hit they couldn't keep them on the lot. At the peak of this venture they reached close to 20 units on the property at a time, and produced countless refurbished trailers before Tad's passing in 2006. After losing his father, Justin continued Tad's legacy in the restoration of Airstream trailers. This led to him opening the doors to his very own shop, Taylor Design Healthy Homes.