Airstream Central

Our main specialty in the shop lies in Airstream restoration and customization. Their unique qualities and interesting architecture make every project a completely different experience from the one before it. They offer the chance to create beautiful mobile spaces for residential or commercial uses. These aluminum beauties can be hauled just about anywhere, and made into just about anything.


Over the years, Airstreams have become a national treasure. They have traveled the globe and experienced lifetimes of adventure. Because of their special appeal, however, they can fall into the wrong hands. It is all too often that an inexperienced novice or empty fields wreak havoc on these trailers. ESK's mobile design team has set out on a journey to rescue Airstream trailers and restore them to their former glory. It takes the right combination of time, skill, and dedication to do things right, and we strive to perfect that formula. 


Once they are in our hands, a lot of thought and time goes into creating a floor plan that fits their compact, curved interiors. Good design is very important to us, but it means nothing if it’s masking a poor structure or awkward layout. Each Airstream is gone through and repaired if needed before new work can be done. In the meantime, we take each model's specific length, shape, and structure into account to arrange layout concepts. Every detail of what the Airstream has to offer and what we plan to put in it, helps us form the overall design plan. 


Our new feature Shop Log gives you a behind
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