Frequently Asked Questions



What Does ESK Productions Do?

DESIGN / FABRICATE / RESTORE. We offer high-end design solutions for commercial and residential clients. Everything we create is engineered and fabricated in-house whenever possible. We specialize in the restoration and customization of Airstream travel trailers. We try not to define ourselves by WHAT we create, but by the act of creating it. Do what you love!

What Does ESK Stand For?

ESK is an acronym from Justin's past. Originally Eastcoast Snow Kings, the S has became interchangeable to include any range of products we create. From 'Street'-bound trailers to 'Snow' and 'Skate'boarding apparel, our mission is to produce work on the 'Eastcoast' at a high quality ( fit for a 'King' ). 

Does ESK Productions Send Work Outside Of Vermont?

YES! We currently have clients all over the country. Depending on what you order, we can either ship, deliver, or set up pick up times to accommodate you or your company once a project is completed. Although we do love meeting clients in person, we realize it's not always possible. We try to stay digitally connected instead offering photo or video updates and phone conferences as needed.



When Is The Next Opening?

We are still accepting small repair, warranty, and frame replacements for Winter 2017.

Full renovation openings are available for our Spring 2018 and beyond slots.

Does ESK Productions Produce Chemically Free Trailers?

ON OCCASION, but it is not our main focus like it was for Healthy Homes. Tad and Justin Taylor's former company Taylor Design Healthy Homes was known for this type of work but is now closed. If you have interest in having a trailer customized for extreme MCS, please contact us using the Airstream Form on the Contact Page and let us know about your sensitivities and current condition in the message section.

Please Note: we only take these projects in the $150k and above range due to a more extensive process and higher cost in materials, systems and detoxing fees. Allot time at the end of production for at least 2 weeks of detoxing before pickup/delivery. Trailer may require longer to off-gas once in your possesion based on materials used.

These trailers are not medically approved or certified sterile environments. Although ESK will do everything in their power to provide a safe environment for those suffering MCS symptoms, this is not a guaranteed cure of ailments, diseases, or 100% free of risk. 

How Long Do Projects Take?

Airstream projects vary considerably based on scope of work, but generally take 5-8 months to complete. For large scale commercial builds they can take even longer. This will be refined for your specific project during the estimate stage. Check out our Full Process Breakdown on our Airstream Page.

How Much Does A Project Cost?

Also varies based on the type of project and the materials used. Small trailers are not less expensive like some may think. High-end appliances and materials will quickly add up. We will always be transparent with costs, so be sure to fill us in properly from the beginning so we can estimate accurate totals for you. Here are some general ranges to use as reference, trailer cost not included:

75k - 120k  |  Just Trailer Restorations, No Build

120k - 150k  |  Basic Residential / Open Layout

150k - 250k  |  Typical or MCS Residential / Basic Commercial or Food Vending / With Opening

250k - 350k  |  High-End Residential / Typical Commercial or Restaurant / Multiple Impressive Openings

350k &up  |  High-End of Any Trailer Type, All Bells & Whistles

Why Isn't the Trailer Cost Included?

It's too big a variable for use to include in general pricing. Some clients come to us with one already, want to find a used model, or need a brand new shell from Airstream. Consider your reno cost separate, if we give you a quote it will not include trailer cost or final delivery (if needed). However, tell us your overall budget once we reach out so we stay on the same page with you. 

Why Do You Charge As Much As The "Big" Guys?

Being located on the East Coast or running a smaller team does not affect the amount of time it requires to properly renovate an Airstream trailer. Bigger teams go through the process faster or take multiple projects on at once. We choose to focus on a project at a time, keeping almost everything in house and personally seeing them from beginning to end. Our level of quality is unmatched and almost every element that goes back into your trailer is custom-made. Our rates are in line with other top, reliable restoration companies in the industry. If a shop is promising similar work for dirt cheap prices, it's a red flag. 

How Do I get In Line?

By putting down a non-refundable retainer you get placed in our production line. This figure is determined by your project's scope of work, which we gather from speaking with you about your renovation. Our schedule tends to fill up fast and goes by season, so do not wait to contact us if you have a deadline so we can begin the entry process. Get the ball rolling by filling out this application!

Where Can I Track Down Airstreams For Sale?

Keep an eye out on Craigslist or on Airstream specific sites/ Facebook groups where they share new listings. The market fluctuates based on season and state so keep that in mind when planning your project. Since it can go from flooded to dry in a matter of days, it is smart to check sales each day and remain determined. Also be wary of scams; they are out there in many forms so always do your homework on a trailer before you buy. 

If you are working with us directly, we will do this part for you. Once you have secured a place in our production lineup we will begin scouring the country for the perfect unit that fits the project best, inspect it in person, and get it back to our facility. 

Are Airstream Trailers Still Produced?

YES THEY ARE! The company still produces new designs on a large scale in their Jackson Center, Ohio factory



Can I hire ESK for branding without getting an Airstream?

YES! We offer full branding services including logo design, corporate identities, and apparel design. The results can be worked into an Airstream design, but don't have to be. Use the Studio Form to Contact Us For A Quote →

Does ESK work with Agencies?

ABSOLUTELY! If your clientele would like to use custom-built elements or Airstreams for big events or promotional tours, we can work with you to find them the best solution. We help guide you to ask the right questions and give them the best options to choose from based on their needs. 

Can I Wrap A Trailer?

YES, we can work with you or a design team to get your corporate graphics printed on vinyl and installed on a trailer. There are multiple options for temporary, permanent, or perforated vinyls that give you versatility based on your needs. We can also create graphics in-house for special events or tours that can be removed when the function ends. Whether a small logo or a full trailer wrap, we can help you personalize the walls of your space in a unique way!