Wrapping Up First Cut



Polishing the day away. There were some tough spots on this trailer but with a little patience we worked through it. Although we got this exterior to be very shiny, it still has many imperfections due to being sanded. We can not stress enough how bad this is to do to aluminum. This goes through the top layer which protects it and damages the soft metal underneath. Buffing can only do so much, as the markings will leave a fogginess or catch the light to highlight imperfections.


If you find yourself dealing with a similar issue, it is not the end of the world. Many vintage trailers have crossed paths with a sander or something that marked its shell over the years. In this case it is best to buff what you can, and let it add to the character of the unit. If it is beyond repair, you can always consider replacing panels, painting the shell if it is an Argosy (like this one) or cover it with vinyl. Whatever your solution, there are always many ways to tackle an obstacle to suit your needs and style best.