A Look Into Our Specialty


While most designers choose static walls over brick and mortar to work with, we prefer an Airstream as our blank canvas. Their shiny silver exteriors, compound curves, and uniquely small spaces call to us. It takes a high level of creativity and resourcefulness to work with these aluminum beasts, requiring a special skill-set and an abundance of patience to tackle. We have developed the necessary techniques and expertise needed to innovate the classic travel trailer to its fullest potential. 


Why Airstreams?

With box trailers, storage containers, and other tiny spaces becoming all the rage, why does ESK choose to work with Airstreams? As people with a great passion for vintage and quality-built vehicles, it is our goal to save the remaining Airstream specimens that would otherwise be left to rot; giving them new life. Their undeniably unique shape and aluminum material make them the perfect vessel to showcase a product or event of any kind. They can be driven just about anywhere and come in a range of sizes from 16 feet in length, to over 30 feet. Airstreams offer much greater difficulty when altering their structure and designing their interiors compared to some other box trailers (SOBs), but we take that as a welcomed challenge.

In the end, the hard work is worth the reward. There is nothing quite like the sight of a polished vintage trailer, freshly restored and ready for round two. 

If you'd like to learn more about the Airstream travel trailer, dive into these sites or crack open a book: (SITES) Airstream's Official Site, Airstream Forums, (BOOKS) Wanderlust Airstream at 75, Chemical Free - Healthy Homes.

Built to Compliment Your Life

When investing in your future happiness, every detail counts. Our ESK team can help you locate the ideal Airstream length and model to fit your personality and basic needs. When it comes to Airstreams and custom fabrication, the sky is the limit. From vacation spots to fully-stocked year-round dwellings, ESK Productions has the expertise to build a mobile space that improves your daily routine.


By adding an Airstream to your life you're not only getting a beautiful and reliable structure, but an undeniably timeless piece of history. These trailers come in all shapes and sizes. Through their unique characters we can find your perfect match. Using both innovation and our customization skills, we can help you build a space conformed to your lifestyle.  


Those of you looking for a step beyond the basic trailer, look no further. Here at ESK Productions we offer innovative mobile marketing options tucked inside vintage shells. From corporate lounges, to pop-up storefronts, gourmet eateries and everything in between, the possibilities for adding wheels to your business are endless. No branding in place? Let Us Help With That →


Striving for Greatness

There is no doubt about it, working with Airstreams is a tricky endeavor; one that many people jump into with misguided confidence and direction. This often results in a mess of troubles, poor quality work, or the scrapping of projects all-together. After customizing these travel trailers for decades, our team is equipped to handle such obstacles. 

Our lead fabricator has been working with metal and Airstreams for over 16 years, and has sought out specific professionals to work beside throughout his career. From a third-generation metal worker, to distinguished electricians, and a second-generation mason and plaster artisan, no stone was left unturned when searching for the best techniques in the field. Learn About Our Team →