How We Can Help

Once you fall in love with an Airstream there's no going back; most people are hooked for life. But they're not always attached to the layouts available or the condition of their unit... When investing in your future happiness every detail counts. ESK Productions offers full restoration or renovation services for classic or new Airstreams. We give abandoned or re-purposed travel trailers new life by upgrading their dated structures, systems, and styles. Our team can help you locate the ideal Airstream length and model to fit your personality and basic needs, or work with a unit you already own.  

When it comes to Airstreams and custom fabrication, the sky is the limit. We learn what is important to you in a living or commercial space, then set to work creating a design you can't get enough of. From vacation spots to fully stocked year-round dwellings, ESK Productions has the expertise to build a mobile space that improves your daily routine.


No two projects are exactly the same, but we do follow standard guidelines* for each of them. Read through our Five Stages Of Production to learn the ins and outs of how ESK tackles a customization project. 



Before anything tangible begins, we first need to understand your ideas, needs, and guidelines to determine an overall scope of work. We will speak with you to learn your basic design goals, your must-have elements, and what budget and timeline we have to work with.

If you have an Airstream already in hand, we will need to know its specs ( Year/Length/Model/Etc) and go over its condition. If you do not have one we will discuss your options for obtaining a trailer. In this case, be sure to factor search and purchase time into the process. 

Download our Top Ten (Residential) Starter Questions

With the information you give us, we will provide an estimate range and a general direction. To secure your place in our production line and move forward, we require a small retainer, determined by your estimate.



(6 Weeks) In our shop, fabricators and designers work hand-in-hand to discover the best solutions based on your specific project and type of Airstream. We have the ability to compose your layout from scratch or refine an existing setup you already enjoy. Mock-ups and schematics are drawn to visually represent our goals to you, this way you can get a good feel for the final result before making any big decisions. 

Once materials are chosen and details mapped out, we complete a quote and estimate how long the project will take. Everything will be sent for approval before physical work can begin.


(0-2 Months) The first section of production at ESK is used to get your Airstream repaired, up to code, and structurally sound. The time for this section depends on the condition of the trailer.

We will go through the unit to repair or replace elements such as: the sub-floor, exterior and interior skins, wiring, plumbing, appliances, and anything rotting or rusting away. We will also change the layout if needed, beef up the structure for future side openings, polish the exterior, do leak tests, and everything that must be done with the shell or skins off. 

From frame to surface, everything is examined and updated. By providing a solid and safe foundation first, we are ensuring a stronger result in the end. This way the finished product not only looks good but functions properly and is built to last.


(2-6 Months) Flooring goes down, furniture is built, and fixtures are installed. All of the elements we have planned out with you now come together. We construct an interior that aesthetically works for you as well as the physical layout does. Combining the right materials, color schemes, and furnishings provides a comfortable space for you and your family or clients.

Everything seems to move quicker at this stage since the changes are more visual. We will send images and updates throughout the process when we hit milestones worth noting. Toward the end of production, we invite you to check out the progress in person, or can do a more in depth digital walk-through to make sure the last details are accounted for. 

Altogether, the production stage (structural & interior design) typically takes 6-8 months total.



After the main work on an Airstream is done, we go through and add final touches. Everything is cleaned, features are tested if time allows, and vinyl graphics are added if requested. We send out the final invoice and prepare for delivery. 

We work with each client to set up pick-up or delivery options. During the hand-off, we give a final tour in-person or by video to show you important details of your new showpiece. Check out our frequently asked questions and portfolio to learn more about the work we do and the guidelines we run by,


*These stages may vary slightly or overlap depending on the project.