At ESK Productions, we pride ourselves in offering state-of-the-art solutions and professional results. Every challenge accounted for, every detail refined." 



When Should You Contact Us?

Contact us as soon as you are serious about commissioning an Airstream project so we can gauge the scope of work for you. Many people don't allow enough time for production, and expect it to be completed in a few months. In most cases that's not realistic. We recommend going though Stage One with us within 6 months to a year of wanting the project completed when possible. Our production schedule can fill up quickly, so putting a deposit down as soon as you're financially ready to commit is suggested. This ensures a guaranteed spot in line and gives you a projected end date.

Still Find Yourself In A Rush? There is a chance our production line is open, so fill out a form right away. Sometimes we can fit a project in or have rush options available, just be sure to let us know in your project description.


Price Ranges

What Should You Be Ready To Spend?

It's no secret, Airstream restoration and customization is an investment. To do a project correctly with reliable materials and time-tested techniques will add up. The results, however, speak for themselves. Here's a breakdown of how our cost structures generally work:


[75k - 85k]  A Used Vintage or Modern Airstream, Shell-off Restoration, Ready to be Outfitted

Before a renovation can take place a base trailer needs to exist and offer a solid foundation to build in. This budget typically covers the purchase of a trailer and the renovation of its frame, a new belly pan, a range of shell work, and system upgrades. Items that raise this amount are cosmetic structural work, upgrading system technologies (like automated elements), needing new axels, or high end materials being used. A newer model may require less restoration, but they're more expensive to buy.


[100k - 120k] Basic to Average Residential, Office / Air B&B Builds

[120k - 150k] Typical Residential / Air B&B, Simple Lounge, or Retail Spaces

[150k - 250k]  MCS Residential / Basic Commercial or Food Vending / An Opening

[250k - 350k] High-End Residential / Typical Commercial or Restaurant / Multiple Openings

[350k & up]  High-End of Any Trailer Type, All Bells & Whistles



What Should You Be Ready To Answer?

You won't always know what is possible in an Airstream project until you speak with a customization company, and that's totally fine! There is still plenty you can prepare before contacting us, however. Prioritize the elements that are important to your specific design, and what can be left to the wishlist if the budget gets tight. Understand your Airstream specifications, send us everything you know about it from the year and length to the condition of the floor or windows, etc. 

Be Informed! Take the time to figure out what needs to be included in your trailer. Some people hate having a bathroom, while others find it a necessity. Do you want to replace the appliances? Want a mirror finish on the exterior? There are a lot of elements to consider when planning your project. We have compiled a list of starter questions to jump start your brain in the right direction! Use it as a guide to gather a list of must-have elements for your Airstream. 

Download our Top Ten (Residential) Starter Questions

Get Inspired! Collect imagery of designs you like on sites like Instagram or Pinterest. Don't stick just to Airstreams, search for pictures of structures and aesthetics you enjoy highlighting interior design, clothing, or even the outdoors. Our team can take the things you love or find pleasing and use it to inspire the overall design of your space.

Does ESK Offer Chemical Free (MCS) Trailers?

Sometimesbut it is not our main focus. Justin Taylor's former company Taylor Design Healthy Homes was known for this type of work but is now closed. If you have interest in having a trailer customized for extreme MCS, please contact us using the Airstream Form on the Contact Page and let us know about your sensitivities and current condition in the message section. 

Please note, we only take these projects in the $150k and above range due to a more extensive process and higher cost in materials, systems and detoxing fees.